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Reasoning Meeting of On-line Learning Module Development held in Beijing

  On February 28th, the Reasoning Meeting of On-line Learning Module Development was held at the CABTS headquarters. 28 backbone teachers from 12 local ABTS, who used to be the trainees of China-US program on agricultural distance education, attended the Meeting.
  At the Meeting, two teachers from Yanqing Branch School of Beijing ABTS made presentations on the two on-line learning modules developed last year, namely on the formulation of Bordeaux mixture and of white paint for trees. Participants shared their experience in developing on-line learning modules, exchanged the problems they had faced, discussed possible solutions, and came up with comments and suggestions for further application. After recent years of module development and pilot teaching, participants all agreed that on-line learning is more flexible in learning time and more inter-active between teachers and students, the modules were developed to meet the local needs in major industries, and such teaching method enjoyed great popularity among students due to its easy and practical features.