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National New-type Farmer Fostering Working Meeting (Seminar on Farmer Training Project Management) held in Taiyuan

  From June 6-7th, National New-type Farmer Fostering Working Meeting (Seminar on Farmer Training Project Management) was held in Taiyuan. The Meeting summarized the latest progress and achievements in fostering new-type farmers, analyzed the latest developments and demands for new-type vocational farmers, and deployed the next stage of new-type farmer fostering work.

  Mr. Liao Xiyuan, Director-General of Department of Science, Technology and Education of MOA, Mr. Hang Dapeng, CPC Party Secretary of CABTS, Mr. Xiang Chaoyang, Executive Vice President of CABTS, Mr. Guan Jianxun, Director-General of Department of Agriculture of Shanxi Province, and Mr. Wei Xu, Division Director of Department of Labor and Personnel of MOA attended the Meeting and delivered speeches.
  DG Liao Xiyuan pointed out that in 2017, the work on fostering new-type vocational farmers should follow the general principle of integrating production and learning, innovating teaching models, improving systems, uplifting the quality and achieving better results, and focus on the development of modern agriculture and the building of demonstration zones. He stressed that we should be people-centered and target-oriented, and train over 1 million farmers every year so as to build a force of new-type farmers of good knowledge in agricultural production and business, and boost the supply-side reform of agriculture.

  Mr. Hang Dapeng emphasized that ABTS at all levels should grasp the spirit of the Meeting, and implement the decisions of CPC Central Committee and MOA leadership. We should further promote the key work of fostering new-type vocational farmer, make innovation and improvement so as to maintain the good momentum of new-type vocational farmers training, and make new progress in all fields of work ranging from fostering new-type vocational farmers, new agricultural business players, practical rural talents to boosting farmers’ sports.

  VP Xiang Chaoyang deployed the CABTS work in 2017, and requested ABTS at all levels should be prepared for the new trends and new tasks, take initiatives, and achieve better results. He added that ABTS should take comprehensive measures, make full play of their comparative advantages in modern distance education, enhance coordination in capacity building across the board, and place high value on priority tasks so as to create a favorable environment for future development.
  At the Meeting, some of the delegates made case speeches, and some of the local ABTS headmasters shared their experience on capacity building, middle-school vocational education and fostering new-type vocational farmers. Some of the Division Directors of Science and Technology of Provincial Department of Agriculture and some local ABTS headmasters exchanged ideas on achievements, major activities, problems and suggestions in group discussion. A training course on National Cloud Platform of Agricultural Science and Technology was held as a back-to-back event.