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26th AAOU Annual Conference

The 26th Asian Association of Open Universities Annual Conference will be held in Chiba, Japan, on 16-18 October 2012.

Theme: Expanding the frontiers of knowledge through open and distance learning (ODL) in changing societies

The following eight sub-themes will be explored:

  - New trends of ODL studies and practices

  - Organizational management and institutional leadership

  - Technology-enhanced teaching and learning

  - Innovation in curriculum development and pedagogy

  - Student support and learning communities

  - Quality assurance

  - Open educational resources (OER) and ODL

  - Crisis and risk management


2012 ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents (SCOP) and Policy Forum

The 2012 ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents (SCOP) will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 12-15 November 2012.

SCOP 2012 will be hosted by member institution Hamdan Bin Mohammmed e-University, and this will be the first occasion on which SCOP takes place in the Middle East. An ICDE Policy Forum will also be held as part of the meeting.


International Conference on Open and Distance e-Learning

The conference will be held in Manila, Philippines, on 22-24 February 2012

Theme: Creating Spaces and Possibilities

Host: University of the Philippines Open University

The conference aims to provide a forum for distance education and e-learning scholars, practitioners and policy makers to share and reflect on experiences, and collaboratively create and explore spaces and possibilities for open, distance and e-learning for development. It focuses on the convergence of philosophies, pedagogies and technologies in ODeL, the opportunities opened up by this convergence, as well as the issues and challenges arising from the practice of ODeL in various contexts, including among others, education, public service and development.

Conference subthemes:

  - The State of the Art in ODeL

  - Innovations and Best Practices in ODeL

  - Problems, Barriers, Reforms and Solutions

  - Future Directions, Spaces and Possibilities in ODeL



SCOP 2011

The 2011 ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents (SCOP) was hosted by SUNY Empire State College in New York, USA, on 19-22 June.


24th ICDE World Conference

The conference was hold on 2-5 October 2011 in Indonesia, and hosted by Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia.

Theme: Expanding horizons – new approaches to ODL


1) ODL and human capacity building

2) ODL in a changing world

3) Quality and ODL in the future

4) Management and strategic development of ODL

5) OERs in a global world

6) International development and distance learning



May 27 - 29

4th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training in Dakar, Senegal.

Theme: eLearning Africa 2009: Learn, Share, and Network

The Continent’s largest annual assembly of eLearning and education professionals from Africa and beyond will convene in the capital, Dakar.

In 2009, eLearning Africa continues to build and expand a worldwide network for people involved in all aspects of technology-enhanced education and training in Africa, including management and policymaking. As with the previous conferences, eLearning Africa 2009 will be conducted in both English and French.

June 7-10

23rd ICDE World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education in Maastricht in the Netherlands

Theme: Flexible Education for All: Open – Global – Innovative

Host: Open University of the Netherlands

Important dates

Registration open:             19 June 2008

Abstract submission open:         19 June 2008

Abstract submission closed:         15 November 2008

Publication of accepted abstracts:       Mid January 2009

Early Bird Fee deadline:          1 February 2009

Full Paper submission deadline:         1 May 2009

Conference:               7 June 2009


 3 –5 November

23rd AAOU Annual Conference in Tehran, Iran

Theme: Evaluation of Open and Distance Learning Systems

Subtitle Theme

– Evaluating Socio-Economic Performance of Open and Distance Learning (ODL)

  a) Openness of ODL institutions

  b) Social credibility of ODL

  c) Economics of ODL

  d) Effects of ODL systems in socio-cultural development of deprived regions

  e) Role of ODL in sustainable development

– Evaluating Academic Performance of ODL

  a) courses and learning materials

  b) Open and distance learning versus conventional systems

  c) Criteria affecting success of ODL systems

  d) Efficient models of evaluation in ODL

  e) Learner self-evaluation

– Evaluating the Impact of Modern Technologies on ODL Systems

  a) Emerging technologies and new learning materials

  b) Contemporary teaching-learning strategies

  c) Transition from traditional ODL to virtual education

 d) New devices, new approaches

– Evaluating Organizational and Staff Development in ODL

  a) Organizational development in ODL 

  b) The authors of learning materials

  c) Practitioners

  d) Managers

  e) Tutors

Evaluating Cooperation among ODL Systems

  a) Consultation and collaboration with domestic universities

  b) Consultation and collaboration with other ODL universities worldwide

  c) Ranking indicators in ODL universities

    d) Going beyond quality control towards excellence

Host: Payame Noor University

Important Dates

April 4, 2009          Deadline for abstracts

June 1, 2009          Notification of acceptance of abstracts

July 1, 2009          Submission of full papers

September 1, 200        Early-bird registration deadline

September 30, 2009       Deadline for registration




July 8-11

2nd ACDE (African Council for Distance Education) Conference in Lagos, Nigeria

Theme: Open and Distance Learning (ODL) for Sustainable Development

Sustainable development involves proffering creative solutions to various kinds of problems that have arisen as world economies become more integrated. The conference explores the possibility of achieving development goals and thus enhances the quality of life through open and distance learning in Africa and in the developing world.


July 13-17

The Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF5)

PCF5 took place at the University of London.

Theme: Access to Learning for Development

The conference explored how open and distance learning can help achieve international development goals and education for all.

PCF5 was sponsored by University of London External System, Open University & UNESCO.



October 14-16

The 22nd Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU) in Tianjin, China

Theme: The New Development, New Trends and New Missions of Open and Distance Education in Asia and the World

Subtitle Theme:

- The Culture of Open and Distance Education

- Quality in Open and Distance Education

- Educational Technology in Open and Distance Education

- Learning Resources in Open and Distance Education

- Study Support for Open and Distance Education

- Regulation Assurance and Management Innovation in Open and Flexible Learning

Host: Tianjin Radio and TV University



October 18-19 

ICDE SCOP meeting in Shanghai

The Standing Conference of Presidents (SCOP) is a meeting of invited policy-level decision makers, from ICDE member universities and outside. The meeting is organized as a workshop for principals on items of relevance in the field of flexible, open, distance and "e"-learning and teaching:

- SCOP provides a unique global forum for exchange on the current situation and the further development and perspectives of open and distance teaching universities

- SCOP offers confidential insight-presentations and opportunities for benchmarking as well as open discussions on barriers and constraints, potentials and visions in the field.

- SCOP offers opportunities for exploring partnerships and strategic cooperation with other ICDE institutional members from all over the world.

Host: Shanghai TV University


October 19-21 

Global Forum on Open and Distance Education

Theme: The Future of Open and Distance Education and the Building of the Learning City: New Challenges, New Opportunities and New Strategies

Subtitle Theme

- Economic globalization, emergence of knowledge economies and internationalization of higher education and the future of open and distance education The Culture of Open and Distance Education

- The building of public learning platforms and the application of open educational resources

- Addressing marginal and disadvantaged groups in particular and meeting the growing and diversifying learning needs

Host: shanghai TV University


November 24-26

ICDE International Conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Theme: Current Challenges of Virtual Learning

Subtitle Theme

- Distance Education as an element of Social Inclusion and Civic Participation

- Research and Development in Distance Education

- Construction and Knowledge Management through Distance Education

- Contributions from Distance Education in their different fields of application

Host: University of the Caribbean





June 3-6

SCOP meeting 2007 in Heerlen, Netherlands

Theme: Open Educational Resources as an instrument for achieving Education for All

Subtitle Theme: Policies, impact, conditions and implementation options for the ICDE membership

Host: Open University of the Netherlands



October 3-5

ICDE International Conference in Toluca, Mexico

Theme: The Metamorphosis of Distance Education in the Third Millennium Institutions, Programs, Technologies, Roles.... the Same?

Subtitle Theme:

- The different developments of Distance Education in different contexts: Social, Cultural, and Economic.

- The new profile of distance programs in the third millennium. 

- The role of technology in the transformations experienced by this modality.

- The structural configuration of institutions that develop Distance Education.

- Distance Education's Image in Society in the Third Millennium.

- The actors in Distance Education.

- Does F2F Education promote the "culture" of Distance Education?

Host: Toluca Campus of Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey


October 29-31

21st Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU)

Theme: Empowering Asia through Partnerships in Open and Distance Education

Subtitle Theme:

- The provision of learning support

-Theoretical and pedagogical models

- Assessment and quality assurance

- Technological innovation for interaction and delivery

- Local culture and curricular adaptability

- Management and policy development

Host: Open University, University Terbuka Malaysia


October 31 - November 2

U.S./China Continuing Higher Education Forum in Beijing, China


- The History, Values, and Missions of Continuing Higher Education in China and the United States: Differences and Likenesses

- Moving from MOUs between Universities with Interlocking Interests to Project Implementation: Surmounting Obstacles, Realizing Opportunities

- Building and Sustaining a Successful Transnational Collaboration: Case Studies

- Tailoring Education to Local Needs: Case Studies

- Trends, Markets, and Issues Relative to Customized Corporate Education in China

- Learning from Each Other - Reciprocal Strengths

- Future Directions and Challenges for CCEA and UCEA Members Involved in Transnational Educational.

Host: University Continuing Education Association and China Continuing Education Association, together with Tsinghua University





April 20-22

ICDE International Conference in Tianjin, China

Theme: The Lifeline of the Open and Distant Education; Quality

Host: Tianjin Municipal Educational Admission and Examinations Authority (TAEA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of China and the Tianjin Education Commission.


June 11-13

ICDE SCOP in Lillehammer, Norway

Theme: Borderless University Teaching - Cooperation and Competition

Host: Lillehammer University College


September 3-6

22nd ICDE World Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Theme: Promoting Quality in Distance, Flexible and ICT based Education

Host: Brazilian Association for Distance Education (ABED)


October 11-14

20th AAOU Annual Conference in Yunnan, China

Theme: Reflections on and Future for Choice and Use of New Technologies in ODL- Strategies, Cost-Effectiveness and Impacts.

Host: Yunnan Radio & TV University




November 19-23

ICDE International Conference, New Delhi, India

Theme: Open & Distance education in Global environment: Opportunities for Collaboration


- Internationalisation: collaboration and networking

- ICT-enabled education

- Quality and accreditation

- Globalisation, culture and ODL

- Distance education for development

Host: Indira Gandhi National Open University


September 15-17

AAOU 19th Annual Conference, Indonesia

Theme: Building Knowledge-Based Society through Open and Distance Education.

- ODE in changing educational paradigm

- Promoting education for all

- Management in ODE

- Public ownership

Host: Terbuka University


June 19-21

SCOP meeting in cologne, Germany

Theme: Universities in the Digital World: Potentials and Challenges for Innovation

Host: Fernuniversitet in Hagen