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Memorandum Of Understanding between CABTS & CDL,U of S(2006-01-17)
Story 2:Program Instructional Design Using ADDIE(2006-01-17)
Story 3:Developing and Delivering Agricultural TV Instructional Programs(2006-01-17)
Story 4:Collaborative Instructional Design,Development,and Evaluation of a Computer-based Module for a Veterinary Medical Exercise(2006-01-17)
Story 5:Conducting Outreach to Village Households by Loudspeaker(2006-01-17)
Story 6:UNHCR Facilitation of Learning Program(2006-01-17)
Story 7:Network-based Instructional Staff Training(2006-01-17)
Story 8:Virtual Teams-the Development of a National Graduate Course(2006-01-17)
Story 9:Technical Cooperation Program Strengthening Distance Education for Agricultural and Rural Development in China(2006-01-17)
Story 10:Campus Manitoba Collaborating to Deliver Education Across the Province(2006-01-17)
Story 11:Program of One University Undergraduate for Each Village(2006-01-17)
Story 12:Improving Student Writing through Technology-the OWL Project(2006-01-17)
Story 13:Modern Distance Education Program for Party Members of Rural Areas(2006-01-17)
Story 1:Rural Distance Education in China(2006-01-17)
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