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In the past 28years, CABTS system has achieved fruitful success in education and training and a large number of its learners have become agricultural science and technology demonstration farmer households, competent farmers in crop and animal farming, good hands in business operation in rural areas and skilled craftsmen. In addition, a large number of learners have become cadres at grassroots and township and village agricultural extension agents in rural areas. Some of the outstanding learners have been conferred with the title of national model workers, "March 8" red-flag holders, outstanding youth farmers, large households of grain production and excellent talents with practical skills in rural areas. CABTS system has contributed greatly to the sustainable development of rural economy, the construction of harmonious socialist rural areas and the realization of a moderate prosperity society.

By the end of 2007, the School System had enrolled 3.73 million students for the secondary diploma education, of which 1.91 million have graduated with the diploma, and another 1.79 million have completed one or more courses. The cooperative higher education enrollment reached 0.49 million with graduates of 0.20 million. The post-Csecondary education enrolled 0.13 million students with its graduates of 112,392. About 9.84 million students have attended the "Green Certificate" training, of which 5.06 million have acquired the Certificate. And more than 16.53 million person-times participated in the applicable agricultural technology training.

In 2008, there were 0.361 million students studied in the school, including 0.26 million for the secondary diploma education, 0.009 million for post-secondary education and 0.092 million for the cooperative higher education. The people have got the certificate of "Green Certificate Program", "Training program of create a new type of farmers in science and technology" is 0.65 million and 1.31 million respectively, and nearly 28.91 million person-time involved in the applicable agricultural technology training.