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Audio-visual Education Press came into existence in 1984 and publishes audio-visual instructional materials on plant production, breed and aquatics, agri-products processing, agri-ecology, engineering, applicable technology, home economy, non-agriculture skill, computer science, agricultural economy management and business, rural society and ect. It also publishes some conference proceedings. The materials are distributed to farmers as VCD, and transmitted to rural areas through radio and television.

The Agricultural Radio and TV Instructional Newspaper of CABTS started publication in January 1985. It provides as a forum to publicize the general and policies of rural distance education and farmer's training, guide the management of the School System, share the lessons and experiences of instruction and offer learning support to students.

Created in 2002, the magazine of 'Science and Technology Training for Farmers' aims on improving the science and technology level of farmers. As a guidance material, the magazine provides a great deal of agricultural policy, applicable technology and information to farmers, extension workers and person who follow the farmer, agriculture and rural areas. The magazine publishes 12 issues annually.

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