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1st Session of Workshop on the Training Program for To-be Agricultural Diplomats 2017 successfully held(2017-07-07)
First Training Session for To-be Agricultural Diplomats held in Beijing(2016-12-28)
National Working Conference for Presidents of CABTS Schools(2016-03-17)
Exposition on Beautiful Countryside held in Beijing(2015-04-23)
Mr. Zhang Taolin visited the instructional staff of CABTS system(2014-01-20)
MOA launches pilot training of new-type professional farmers(2012-03-05)
Cultivating New Farmers, Accelerating the Process of Agriculture Modernization(2010-12-27)
A training program of online courses development and online learning management successfully conducted(2009-01-07)
CABTS Attended the SCOP and Global Forum on Open and Distance Education(2008-12-04)
Vice Minister of Agriculture visits CABTS on Teachers' Day(2008-09-17)
A Memorandum of Understanding of cooperation was signed(2008-05-13)
Education and training for farmer strengthened(2008-02-02)
A meeting of the liaison officer of Leading Group of CABTS was held(2008-01-28)
The CABTS Delegation Attended the 21st AAOU Annual Conference and Visited Philippine(2007-11-14)
Staff Training on Capacity Building was Conducted Successfully(2007-11-05)
Forum on Development and Application of Instructional Medias for Farmers' Education and Training Was Held in Ningxia(2007-07-17)
Further attention has been paid to Farmers’Education and Training(2007-01-15)
CABTS Delegation Attended the 22nd ICDE World Conference(2006-09-11)
One Million Secondary Vocational Graduates Program Officially Launched(2006-07-03)
25 Years Anniversary of Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School(2005-10-31)
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