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CABTS delegation attended ICDE Presidents’ Summit

  From November 20th to 23rd, 2016 ICDE Presidents’ Summit was held in Sydney, Australia with over 100 participants from 32 countries or territories. Executive Vice President Liu Tianjin attended the Summit.

  Under the theme of “New Era of Leadership and Quality: The Business of Open and Distance Learning 2020”, the Summit focused on four topics, namely “from regional to global:key leadership, quality and partnership for online, open and flexible learning institutions”; “emerging work models for online, open and flexible learning institutions”; “partnership for schools and enterprises: new models of partnership”; “learning analysis: knowledge and use of Big Data”. Discussions at different sessions, regional forums, analysis bazaar and dialogues focused on the latest developments of executive leadership, multiple leadership models and innovation in distributed leadership and management. The Summit provided a platform for discussions and exchange of ideas among leading figures in open and distance learning, and a good opportunity for participating institutions to uplift their international image and share experience in fostering leadership, improving open and distance learning as well as promoting the development of distance learning across the world.

  At the Summit, CABTS delegation had extensive discussions with other participants, offered inputs and suggestions on ICDE 2017-2020, and shared China’s experience in developing rural distance learning. Besides, the delegation also learned the latest international concepts, experience, technology and methods in open and distance learning in the hope of further promoting rural education in China.