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Field schools be the frontier of vocational farmers’ education

  On November 11th, the Workshop on National Farmers Field School Development was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The Workshop participants also paid field visit to several farmers’ field schools, including the one of Chunfeng Fruit and Vegetable Specialized Co-operatives of Zhongmou County, reviewed the models and experience in promoting a bigger role of new-type agricultural business players in building field schools, and discussed on how to further promote the building and operational mechanisms for the national system.


  Reportedly, during the Thirteenth “Five-Year-Plan” period, an additional 200,000 field schools would be built within the national ABTS system. Henan provincial ABTS took the lead in this work, which already built 1450 field schools so far and the figure will reach 2000 by the end of this year.