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Delegates of Countries of the Greater Mekong River Sub-region Visited the Central School of CABTS

  In the afternoon of August 14, 2015, a delegation of 20 agricultural officials and technicians from Greater Mekong River Sub-region countries as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam visited CABTS central school in Beijing. The objective of the delegation focused on understanding the development and experiences of information development of farmers’ education in China and on enhancing exchange and communication in agricultural education and training among China and the countries of the Greater Mekong River Sub-region.


  Mr. Wu Guoqiang, Vice President of CABTS delivered thematic presentation to the delegation. In association with the backdrops of agriculture and rural economy of China, the process of information technology development as well as the practices of CABTS in using information technologies to deliver education and training to farmers, Mr. Wu Guoqiang elaborated in details the development process, current status and trend of information development of farmers’ education in China.



  After the presentation, members of the delegation visited CABTS’s satellite distance education system, broadcast and television studio and the publishing house of agricultural A/V materials. During the visit, members of the delegation engaged in in-depth discussions with experts in distance education in agriculture and information development of farmers’ education. The delegation furthered its understanding about the advantages and roles of modern distance information transmission in farmers’ education in China.