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Building Open Sharing Instructor Depository Management Platform for Promoting Further Implementation of New Type of Career Farmers

  The national instructor depository for training of new type of career farmers was launched recently. Based on the principles of demand-driven, open application, unified resource allocation, decentralized management and joint development, the national depository of instructors for training of new type of career farmers will be developed with joint efforts of different departments under the Ministry of Agriculture. Following the needs of industrial development and training of farmers, trainers from different industries, sectors and fields, production and management, agricultural policies, laws and regulations and farmer’s business initiation will be attracted to the depository. Also, specialists and experts from various education and training institutions, agricultural universities and colleges, research institutions, technical extension agencies, administration, large households of farming, family farm owners, farmer cooperatives, agro-enterprises and agricultural parks are all welcome to join the team for the delivery of training and education to new type of career farmers and shouldering technical guidance and tracking services.


  It is learnt that the national depository system of instructors of training and education of new type of career farmers will be developed by CABTS as commissioned by the Science and Education Department of the Ministry of Agriculture. Before 2016 ends, a team of over 100,000- instructor depository will be built for training of new type of career farmers.