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National Workshop on Teaching Materials of CABTS Held in Changsha

  The working conference on teaching materials of CABTS system was held in Changsha June 24-26, 2015. In total, 60 presidents, vice presidents, officials in charge of instructional materials and distributors of teaching materials of the 27 provincial and some the municipality schools as well as related personnel of CABTS central school attended the meeting.

  Mr. Qi Guo, Vice President of CABTS and Mr. Huang Qiping, Vice Chairperson of Hunan Provincial Agricultural Commission attended the meeting and Mr. Qi Guo delivered a keynote speech. The meeting captured the achievements of instructional materials in the past two years, analyzed the existing issues, put forward the objectives, tasks and requirements of the next steps. Representatives from Chongqing, Henan and Jiangsu shared their experiences and best practices with the participants. Outstanding distributors of instructional materials of 2014, exemplary workers of instructional material development of the national agricultural educational outstanding funding projects and teaching material developing agencies were acclaimed. The meeting was presided by Mr. Tang Meijian, Division Director of Instructional Materials of CABTS. Ms. Tong Mengmeng, Division Director of Training of CABTS, Ou Yu, Deputy Division Director of Instructional Division, and Yuan Ping of Agricultural A/V Publishing House attended the meeting.