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National Working Conference for Presidents of CABTS Schools


  On December 12, 2015, CABTS convened a working conference in Beijing for CABTS school presidents throughout the country, which focused on the work plan for promoting the training and education of new type of career farmers. The conference released the databank of instructors of farmer field schools and new type of career farmer training, teaching materials of new type of career farmers’ training and education, mobile learning APP of CABTS on Hand, the development plan for the major of family farm operation and inaugurated the activity of “Looking for the Most Successful CABTS Learners and Teachers”.

  CABTS as a national specialized training and education institution for farmers is considered to be the largest farmer school in the world and the early “China Military Academy” for rural grassroots cadres. In the 35 years since its founding, CABTS has been making great efforts in promoting education of grassroots cadres and personnel with practical skills in rural areas. It has so far enrolled over 4.71 million vocational school students with 2.59 million graduated. It has been focusing on training of technical skills of farmers with 7.86 million farmers received Green Certificate training; it has offered training to 21.54 million farmers under its rural labor force transfer employment program, 11.86 million people received vocational skill training, and the coverage of inclusive technical training has outreached over 300 million farmers. In the past two years, CABTS system focused its efforts on the training of 1 million new type of career farmers and modern youth farm owners and 230,000 farmers for vocational training.