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Video Program of CABTS Awarded at the 19th China Sector Television Program Show

  The 19thChina Sector Television Program Show and Exchange was held in Xiangyang of Hubei Province from November 11 to 13, 2015. Mr. Zhao Huayong, Chairman of China Television Artist Association attended the event. The 5 entries of TV programs and 1 essay submitted by CABTS were awarded. At the same time, CABTS was awarded the excellence medal in organization. Mr. Chen Yongmin and Ren Qingshuai attended the event and received the awards on behalf of CABTS.


  The Show was divided into 5 categories as documentary, news, science and education, entertainment and column. The participation of the event was good with 554 entries. The programs submitted by CABTS belonged to the category of science and education, of which, the television program titled “How to Enhance Fruition of Apricot in Greenhouses” was awarded first grade medal ; “Corn Stem Borer Control Technologies” and “Using Encarsia formosa Gahan to controlTrialeurodes vapotariorum” received second grade awards; “Jianghan Chicken Production Technologies” and “Scallop Production Technologies on Seashore Line” were awarded third grade medal.


  The exchange for the first time included the screening of outstanding television essays. The essay of Mr. Ren Qingshou of the Television Education Center titled “Exploration and Analysis of the Strategies of the Production and Broadcasting of Agricultural Technological Extension Programs in the New Era” received second grade award.