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Strengthening international cooperation for fueling training of new type of career farmers

At the invitation of America Distance Education Consortium (ADEC), Mr. Liu Tianjin, Executive Vice President of CABTS led a CABTS delegation to attend an international workshop held by Oregon State University of the United States during May 25 to 29. He delivered academic paper at the workshop.

Over 80 delegates from ADEC member institutions, South America and Asia carried out extensive discussion and exchange centering the theme of the workshop: global cooperation in on-line learning – views, perspectives and best practices. During the workshop, “CABTS forum” was specially set up. Concerning the potential cooperation between CABTS and ADEC, Mr. Liu Tianjin and three experts respectively delivered academic papers, including “international cooperation in the backdrops of globalization of distance education”, “the development of on-line learning module: improving the selection of fodder varieties”, “mixed education of cooperative extension: the development and value positioning of instructors” and “OSU’s small-scale family farm training program”.

Mr. Liu Tianjin presented to the delegates the development history of distance education in China as well as the practices and explorations of CABTS in delivering education and training via distance education. He highlighted that CABTS in the 35 years since its founding has been following IT development in the world and exploring distance agricultural education models of China, which has resulted in an agricultural distance education system integrating training, education and modern information technologies. Against the backdrops of training of new type of career farmers, CABTS is effectively consolidating multiple media technologies to build smart farmer cloud platform. Based on such a platform, CABTS will actively participate and undertake international cooperation and exchange with other institutions to share development experiences and jointly respond to challenges.

During the workshop, CABTS and ADEC signed the third MOU of bilateral cooperation. In the future years, the two sides will conduct in-depth and programmatic cooperation in four areas of training of instructors, the development of Chinese English bilingual on-line learning modules, on-line instruction pilots and on-line education and training of family farm owners. The two sides will convene an international workshop in 2016 or 2017.

Members of the delegation had interactions with the Dean of OSU, professionals of the OSU International Program Center and experts of on-line learning module development. The delegation visited a small family farm and discussed with the owner about education and training and the production of organic vegetables on the farm.