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Launching the implementation of the “training program of modern youth farm owners”

In 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture will join hands with the Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the China Communist Youth League to kick off the implementation of the training program of modern youth farm owners. The plan envisages identification of 10,000 persons each year aging from 18 to 45 among the large households of crop and animal farming, family farm operators, backbone of farmers’ specialized cooperatives, returned university undergraduates for business initiation, graduates of vocational schools, returned farmer migrant workers and ex-service personnel for enrollment in a 3-year training program of training of youth farm owners. Training contents will include profession ethics, business initiation capacity, policy and regulations, industrial development and case studies. Through training and guidance, enterprise incubation, certification management, policy support and tracking service, the program aims at building a youth farm owner team with strong business initiation capacities and high-level skills, who can also lead others in the sector, which is also a new measure of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2015 for the training of new type of career farmers.

In addition to the launching of the “training program of modern youth farm owners”, the demonstration zones should uphold the training system of “three-in-one, harmonization of three categories and integration of three levels” as the objective, take on the training of new type of career farmers as the major task while paying due attention to the new type of career farmers with specialized skills and social service providers, and the demonstration and leading roles should be fully tapped. In the training of career farmers of social service provider, training in e-commerce will be highlighted this year.