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Exposition on Beautiful Countryside held in Beijing

From January 24 to 26, the Exposition on Beautiful Countryside was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture at the National Agricultural Exposition Hall. The theme exhibition, namely “fostering new-type vocational farmers”, was designed and developed by the CABTS.

The theme exhibition is of seven components, namely the introduction, the call of the times, building the system of fostering new-type vocational farmers, exploring the model of fostering new-type vocational farmers, building institutions for fostering new-type vocational farmers, mushrooming of new-type vocational farmers, and the conclusions.

The seven components answered the question of “who will build China’s countryside and who will live in the countryside” in a systematic way. The exhibition also revealed the significance and urgency of fostering new-type vocational farmers, and demonstrated the educational system of new-type vocational farmers as a combination of training, certification and policy support, an integration of production, professional competence and social service, and ranging from preliminary-level, middle-level to high-level.

It also exhibited several successful cases in fostering new-type vocational farmers, e.g. Fengxiang school of Shaanxi Province, Chongzhou school of Sichuan Province, Wuhan Dongxihu school of Hubei Province and Longping High-tech Company of Hunan Province. It is noticed that fostering new-type vocational farmers is uplifted to a national strategy. The Expo fully reflected the leading role of CABTS in fostering new-type vocational farmers.