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Successful completion of CABTS’ on-line module testing

From October 28 to November 28, 2014, the inspection group of CABTS “international agricultural exchange and cooperation” Sino-American on-line learning module project visited Sanmenxia Branch School of Henan Provincial Broadcast and Television School, Laizhou Branch Schools of Shandong Provincial Broadcast and Television School, Fuyang Branch School of Anhui Provincial Broadcast and Television School, Tongzhou Branch School, Haimen Branch School and Rudong County Branch School of Jiangsu Provincial Broadcast and Television School. These branch schools shouldered the assignments of developing on-line learning modules.

In line with the requirements of on-line learning module development, the six county level schools worked on six on-line learning modules as “natural enemy of insect pest”, “identification and control of corn stem borer”,“silkworm feeding technologies”,“vegetable seedling production technologies”,“vegetable seedling grafting technologies” and “paddy rice seedling production for mechanized transplanting”.

Upon completion of the inspection, the group went to Jiangyan District of Taizhou of Jiangsu Province for study on the demonstration parks of national agricultural science and technology innovation and integration.