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CABTS launches radio and television column Wechat public numbers

CABTS has launched Wechat public numbers for the columns hosted for “Early bus to prosperity”, “Morning news of agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and “Grand classroom of countryside” of Central People’s Radio Station and “Land and sky of CABTS” of CCTV 7. CABTS can now through Wechat number release information of broadcasting programs and media education resources. Farmers can use their mobile phones to access agricultural technologies and information about broadcast programs.
The application of a public Wechat number of CABTS has realized “micro” transmission of radio and television media, enriching means of information release, education and training; it provides an interactive and accompanying mobile learning services. In addition, CABTS is on the way of developing a Wechat pubic number for “New Type Farmers of China”, which will be used as a platform to provide support and service to the training of new type of career farmers.