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Training course on capacity building for trainers of career farmer successfully concluded

The one-week Training Course of Capacity Building of Trainers for Career Farmers Training was successfully concluded on October 24. Mr. Tian Guishan and Mr. Qi Guo, Vice Presidents, Mr. Ming Yongjun, President Assistant, Ms. Li Fanghong, Director of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation, Ms. Tong Mengmeng, Director Training of CABTS, as well as all trainees attended the closing ceremony.

At the closing ceremony, the sevengroups of the training course respectively demonstrated what they have produced using Articulate Storyline, such as frying of melon, rhizomacultivation, pasture types and distribution in Inner Mongolia, Haimen Goats, future menu ordering, knowing good cars and the making of BBQ lamb at home. Trainees held the view that the training had rich contents with good practicality and diversified presentation forms. Through lecturing, questions, participation, games, activities and assignments, the lecturers explained interactive instruction, integrated instruction, German two-element education and revert instructional design. Through case study and group discussions, learners mastered how to flexibly use various theories and methods in the development of on-line learning modules.

After the demonstration, Mr. Tian Guishan and Mr. Qi Guo, Vice Presidents of CABTS, and Mr. Ming Yongjun, President Assistant issued certificates to learners.