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CABTS dispatched staffers to the US for bilateral cooperation on the development on-line learning modules

In accordance with the Sino-American Agriculture Distance Education Cooperation Plan between CABTS and ADEC, CABTS at the invitation of ADEC dispatched a delegation to Oregon State University from 6 to 10 July 2014 to implement bilateral cooperation on joint development of on-line bilingual learning modules. The small team worked together with the OSU on-line learning module development group for 2 days and successfully completed the development of bilingual on-line learning modules, i.e. they used Articulate Storyline software and developed interactive on-line learning module in English and Chinese.

During their stay in the US, members of the small team cherished the opportunity and carried out extensive and in-depth exchange and learning with the team led by Dr. David A. King of ADEC. The member of CABTS quickly learnt the interactions in English and Chinese of Articulate Storyline and technologies of audio, video and image insertion. The team also learnt the application of on-line learning management systems used in developed countries such as the US. They learnt Maya (3D animation production) and Adobe Captivate and successfully completed the bilateral cooperation activities with good results in hands.