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CABTS held English Star Speech Contest

On May 30, CABTS held English Star Speech Contest with the purpose of identifying the right candidates to take part in the English Star Gala hosted by MOA for its system. At the same time, the event was meant to create good atmosphere in CABTS for learning English and to further enhance the capacity of CABTS professionals in commanding English. In total, 16 professionals participated in the contest.

In order to ensure fairness, quality and standards, CABTS invited Ms. Lin Huifang, Deputy Director of CICOS of MOA as well as Mr. Xu Meng, Ms Qian Yu and Ms. Tian Xiao, who served as technical judges. Mr. Liu Tianjin, Executive Vice President, Ms. Gou Zhiqi, Mr. Tian Guishan and Mr. Qi Guo, vice presidents of CABTS as well as Mr. Ming Yongjun, President Assistant of CABTS served as observers to score the candidates. All staffers of CABTS attended the event.