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MOA, MOE launches joint study on new vocational farmers’ education

Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Education launched a joint study on major issues related to new vocational farmers’ education on December 16, 2013.

The MOA/MOE joint study will work on the definitions of new vocational farmers and the justifications, approaches, supportive framework and evaluation of new vocational farmers’ education; it will provide evidence, methodology and modality for future education practices, develop syllabus and education program, and propose recommendations and policy options for new vocational farmers’ education.

The study project is headed by Vice Minister Zhang Taolin of Agriculture and Vice Minister Lu Xin of Education, while Zhang Xiaoshan, Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is appointed as the Chief Scientist.

The project is approved by the National Office for Education Sciences Planning, funded by the National Social Science Foundation, and carried out by the CABTS as the implementing agency of MOA.