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Minister Han: Fostering new vocational farmers for modern agriculture

From November 15 to 16, 2013, an experience-sharing meeting on pilots of new vocational farmers’ training was convened in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. Minister Han Changfu attended and addressed the meeting.

Minister Han stressed that following the spirit of the 18th CPC Congress, agricultural authorities at all levels shall fully promote the work of new vocational farmers’ training to ensure sufficient human resources in building modern agriculture. 

He also pointed out that training new vocational farmers is a non-profit and fundamental work with far-reaching social impacts. It is not only a public service, but also a long-term and arduous strategic program. We need to reinforce the system building of farmers’ education and training, gradually introduce schemes of delivering free training courses to farmers, pilot in certification of new vocational farmers, and increase policy inputs into the work so as to further promote the development of agricultural vocational education.

It is essential to strengthen the support to new vocational farmers’ training, and ensure all activities be implemented in a concrete and practical manner; to prioritize farmers’ training in the overall plan of agricultural and rural economic work now and in the foreseeable future; to build up long-term input mechanisms and encourage specialized funds for farmers’ training earmarked in local budget; to accelerate the pilot work, summarize experience in a timely manner, and be prepared for the full extension; and to work on publicity activities and create a favorable social environment for new vocational farmers’ training, said the Minister.