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Visit of specialist of Lentiz Education Group of the Netherlands to CABTS for discussion on cooperation

From 9 to 15 September, Mr. Arnold Cremers, specialist of Netherland College of the Lentiz Education Group of the Netherlands visited CABTS. The objective of the visit was to study and understand vocational education of farmers as well as the situation and condition of practice and training facilities, explore the possibilities of cooperation in BTEC, and deliver distance training to managers and tutor of CABTS nationwide.


In Beijing, Mr. Cremers met with Wang Shocong, Executive Vice President, Mr. Tian Guishan, Vice President and responsible persons of the Division of Teaching Affairs of CABTS. In the afternoon of the 9th, Mr. Cremers visited the offices of CABTS, the live network broadcast classroom, the studio of broadcast and the studio of television program. Mr. Tian Guishan, Vice President, briefed Mr. Cremers about the conditions of CABTS, its features, the five-level schooling system, functions and education and training means of CABTS, which enabled Mr. Cremers to have good understanding of education and training of farmers delivered by CABTS. In the afternoon on the 14th, Mr. Wang Shoucong, Executive Vice President, Mr. Tian Guishan, Vice President and responsible persons of related divisions of CABTS met Mr. Cremers and had in-depth communication and exchange on collaborative delivery of BTEC courses.


Accompanied by Mr. Tian Guishan, Vice President and Mr. Xing Xiaoguang, Division Director of Teaching Affairs Division of CABTS, Mr. Cremers visited Beijing Agricultural Broadcast School, Xiaoshan District Agricultural Broadcast School of Zhejiang, Shulan Agricultural Company and Ningbo Daqiao Ecological Farm during September 11-13. Therefore, Mr. Cremers was extensively exposed to the schooling, practice and facilities of CABTS. He also discussed with officials on the possibilities of collaborative delivery BTEC courses.