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Visit of officials of Lentiz Education Group of the Netherlands to CABTS

In the morning on May 22, 2013, Wang Shoucong, Executive Vice President of CABTS held a meeting with visiting Dr. Frits Veltkamp, Program Officer of International Projects of the Netherlands College of the Lentiz Education Group of the Netherland. Both side had in-depth explorations on the initiative and plan of cooperation in BTEC discussed during an exchange visit of CABTS delegation to the Netherlands at the end of April. Meanwhile, both sides had detailed discussions on the concrete methods and implementation steps on collaborative training of trainers as presented in the draft proposal of Lentiz of the Netherlands: BTEC: Horticulture and Teaching Program Proposal. Mr. Tian Guishan, Vice President and officials of teaching affairs and foreign exchange divisions of CABTS and Mr. Zhu Qijiu, President of Beijing Agricultural Broadcast and Television School attended the meeting.