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DG Tang Ke inspected CABTS

Director General Tang Ke of Department of Science, Technology and Education of MOA inspected the CABTS on September 19th, 2012 for an in-depth understanding of ABTS and farmers’ education and training work.


For the inspection, CABTS Executive Vice President Wang Shoucong briefed on the general situation and the current work of CABTS, and discussed with DG Tang Ke on the development of new-type professional farmers, the support policy to secondary vocational school students, the infrastructural building of ABTS system.



DG Tang Ke approved the work done by CABTS and the ABTS system in promoting modern agriculture and developing new-type professional farmers. He called for the CABTS to implement the spirit of 2012 CPC No. 1 Document in improving its institutional arrangements, improving training capacity and upgrading farmers’ quality. There are several measures to be taken in the future work: first, the CABTS should hold on its characteristics and advantages against all sorts of future changes; second, as the time requires, the CABTS should innovate in teaching contents, approaches and methods so as to meet the farmers’ needs in such a multi-media era; third, the CABTS should form a synergy through integrating all channels of resources into farmers’ education and training; forth, the CABTS should have a forward-looking strategy to guide the actual practices. Tang committed that the Department of Science, Technology and Education will tie up their working relationship with the CABTS and work together to serve agriculture, farmers and the rural areas.