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Farmers’ Daily prints full text of Minister Han’s letter to ABTS

The full text of Minister Han Changfu’s letter to ABTS was published by the Farmers’ Daily on September 10th, 2012, the National Teacher’s Day of China.

In his letter, Minister Han expressed his greetings and gratitude to all the teachers working on farmers’ education and training, and appraised that being a teacher is the most glorious profession under the sunshine.

Minister Han highly appreciated the achievements made in farmers’ education and training. Given the high attention and great concern of the State Council, people engaged in farmers’ education and training had been devoted themselves to the work, and made remarkable progress in publicizing Sannong policies and delivering technical know-how for agricultural and rural economic development. A series of training programs, particularly the “1-million Secondary Vocational School Students” program and the “Sunshine program”, were implemented, which had developed a large amount of educated farmers who are sound in technical and management knowledge and pool the technical personnel for modern agricultural development and building the new socialist countryside. In this year, against complicated market context and frequent natural disasters, the ABTS staff went to the field and worked with the farmers, and made their positive contribution to maintain the good momentum in agricultural and rural economic development. 

He also pointed out that as a big agricultural country with large population, China is at the critical stage of transforming traditional agriculture into modern agriculture. Therefore, it requires a large pool of new-type professional farmers with high production and management competency. The CPC No. 1 Document of this year stressed the importance of innovation, and accordingly, this year was named as the Year of Promoting Agricultural Technology, which set higher goals for farmers’ education and training. He emphasized that people engaged in farmers’ education and training are shouldering a glorious and arduous responsibility of fostering new-type farmers and improving farmers’ technical competency. 

Minister Han wished that all the ABTS staff would follow the scientific outlook of development, innovate in teaching models and approaches, reinforce institutional building, and make the full play of their roles in delivering agricultural knowledge, technology and civilization.