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CABTS holds the English Star Speech Contest

CABTS held the English Star Speech Contest on June 7th, 2012. Altogether 12 contestants competed at the Contest, while all CABTS staff watched it.

In order to ensure fairness and quality, the Contest organizers invited four non-CABTS-staff judges, namely Mr. Tang Shengyao, Division Director of Asian and African Affairs of Department of International Cooperation of MOA, and Mr. Xumeng, Ms. Lin Huifang and Ms. Qian Yu, division directors of Center of International Cooperation Service of MOA. In addition, Executive Vice President Wang Shoucong, and Vice President Guo Zhiqi, Liu Tianjin, Tian Guishan and Wu Guoqiang formed the observer group. The judges and observers graded the contestant based on his/her performance.


The Contest was composed of two parts --- a self-composed speech and Q&A. Contestants all made their best, and were cheered up by warm applauses of the audience.



At last, Li Yangyang from Radio Education Center won the title of champion with his accurate and fluent expression, and natural and poised speech manners. Yang Tian and Yang Jun won the Second Prize, Zhang Tianyu, Liu Yuan and Jiang Xinzhen won the Third Prize, while Feng Jian, Zhao Ping, Li Xiaojing, Cao Linlin, Wang Taiqun and Liu Kai won the Excellence Prize.