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Symposium on Fostering New-type Vocational Farmers holds in Beijing

 BEIJING—The Symposium on Fostering New-type Vocational Farmers, co-hosted by CABTS, Farmers’ Daily and the Journal of Chinese Rural Areas, was held on March 20th in the People’s Great Hall of Beijing.

The Symposium features with presentations and in-depth discussions on the environment, strategic significance, objectives and goals, approaches, mechanism, institutional arrangements, policies and measures of fostering new-type vocational farmers with the purpose of fully implementing the spirit of CPC No. 1 Document for 2012.

At the Symposium, Vice-Minister of Agriculture Zhang Taolin delivered a key-note speech titled as “Vigorously Fostering New-type Vocational Farmers for Fully Implementing the 2012 CPC No. 1 Document”.

In his speech, Zhang pointed out that fostering new-type vocational farmer is an issue about “who will work on the farmland”, and will be concurrent in the whole process of modern agriculture development. It is essential to notice that new-type farmers means the future of food security and sufficient supply of farm products, the future of modern agriculture, and the future of new socialist countryside. Therefore, as the power engine for modern agriculture, the work of fostering vocational farmer, i.e. farmers’ vocational education, should be taken as the fundamental pillar of modern agriculture, classified as public, basic and social affairs, and oriented towards the needs posed by modern agricultural development and the building of new socialist countryside.


Zhang stressed that fostering vocational farmers is a long-term and demanding task, but with great strategic importance. It is imperative to carry out the work in a progressive manner based on systematic planning and development of specific policies and measures.


Vice Minister Zhang also gave positive remarks on the work of Agricultural Broadcasting and Television Schools (ABTS), and requested ABTS all across the country to play an active role in wide range of agricultural technology training as well as farmers’ vocational education. CABTS should draw on past lessons and experience, innovate on educational modalities, and deliver education and training programs to the door of farm households. The training programs should take the approach of “learning swimming by swimming” and be closely related to farming seasons, production links and key techniques. On the other hand, efforts should be made to seek social and business resources for better infrastructural facilities and stronger trainers’ capacity for farmers’ vocational education. 

Bai Jinmin, Director-General of Department of Science, Technology and Education, chaired the Symposium. Several China’s major press reported on the event, namely the Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Farmers’ Daily, China Youth Daily, China National Radio, China Central TV Station, MOA’s official website, the Journal of China’s Rural Areas, and the Journal of China Vocational and Technical Education.