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ADEC representatives visits the CABTS headquarters

BEIJING—Mr. Wang Shoucong, Executive Vice President of CABTS, together with staff from Division of International Cooperation, met the visiting Dr. Dave King, Associate Provost of Oregon State University and Dr. Jeanne Gleason, Director of New Mexico State University’s Media Productions in Beijing, and discussed potentials for future cooperation.

The Oregon State University and the New Mexico State University are both member of American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC).

Dr. Jeanne Gleason shared her views on the successful Workshop of Competency-Based Training and Education for CABTS, which was held in Nanjing last week. Dr. Dave King briefed the CABTS counterparts on the joint speech made by ADEC and CABTS on Collaborative Development of International Learning Modules at the 5th China-US Distance Education Conference.

Mr. Wang reiterated CABTS commitment to carry out exchange and cooperation with ADEC in the future. CABTS will continue to exchange visits and conduct joint training programs on trainers, further promote the collaborative development of multimedia learning modules for farmers and the preparation work of the coming China-US Workshop on Agricultural Distance Education, and explore the possibilities of establishing China-US Exchange Center on Farmers’ Education and Training.


Dr. Dave King and Dr. Jeanne Gleason expressed their great consents to the proposal on future cooperation by Mr. Wang.

Both sides agreed to make detailed work plan for an early start of the new cooperation activities, and had intensive discussions on collaborative development of learning modules, trainers’ training and funding details.


The two US guests also visited Taixing ABTS of Jiangsu Province on September 19th, 2011.