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Workshop of Competency-Based Training and Education for CABTS holds in Nanjing

NANJING—The Workshop of Competency-Based Training and Education for CABTS was held in Nanjing from September 15th to 18th, 2011.

Over 40 teachers from 25 ABTS at the central, provincial and county level attended the 4-day Workshop. Dr. Jeanne Gleason, Director of New Mexico State University’s Media Productions, lectured on how to conduct competency-based vocational education at the Workshop.

Within four days, Dr. Gleason delivered invigorating presentations on the principles and steps of DACUM-based curriculum development. At the on-class group discussions and homework, participants used part of their daily work as an example to understand how to use the DACIM methodology to develop teaching plan, activities and performance evaluation.


Participants all felt that Dr. Jeanne Gleason’s lectures are appealing and informative, and they not only grasped the concepts of competency-based training and DACUM, but also had a deeper understanding on the methodology of farmers’ education. It is a consensus that participants will bring the new concepts back into their daily work, and have the training programs be more focused on the competency of trained farmers so as to improve the practicality and effectiveness of the courses.