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A training program of online courses development and online learning management successfully conducted


From 25 to 27 November 2008, a training program of online courses development and online learning management was successfully held in Beijing. There are about 62 instructors from CABTS and its 26 provincial schools 62 teachers participated in the living classroom, and others at provincial, prefectural and county schools received the training at the remote stations of the satellite network of CABTS. The training course was conducted by two professors from the Oregon State University and New Mexico State University in America. The training contents mainly focus on the online course learning needs assessment, instructional design, courses development and learning management, and etc..


On the opening ceremony, Mr. Tian Guishan, Vice-President on behalf of CABTS express the great thanks to experts from afar and cordial greetings to the hard workers in the front line of education and training of farmers in CABTS system. Mr. Tian pointed out that the training aims to strengthen teachers' capacity-building in CABTS system for their better understanding the distance education in the new situation and trend, learning from abroad in new ideas, new technologies and new model of online courses design and development, online learning organization and management to improve the education level and the capabilities of instructors in developing online courses and online learning management of CABTS system. He hoped that the trainees will achieve initial understanding and knowledge in computer-based distance education.




During the three days of tensional and substantial training, Professor Dave King and Dr. Jeanne Gleason delivered the training content with east to difficult from the most basic of what is the basics of learning, to comprehensive theory and operation of learning needs assessment, instructional design, as well as blended learning model. Took book as an example, they systematically introduced the basic concepts and knowledge related of learning objects, learning modules and learning management system that will be used in the online course design, development and management.





Through the way of interactive, the participants finally completed instructional module designing of online courses. Trainees in the remote stations in Tianjin municipal school, Liaoning provincial school, Jilin provincial school, Henan, provincial school Gansu provincial school, Yunnan provincial school, Shuangliao prefecture school in Jilin province, Xiayi county school in Henan province, Baoji prefecture school in Shaanxi Province, Wuzhong county school in Ningxia autonomous region interacted with living classroom by MSN. Some of them, like trainees in Tianjin and Liaoning provinces communicated with two professors by Q & S.


Mr. Zeng Yichun, executive vice president of CABTS stressed that the success of the training indicates CABTS system has stridden forward in its computer-based distance education for rural people, in his speech at the closed ceremony of course completing. He hoped the trainees could use the knowledge they learned in the works to develop diversiform online courses by making full use of modern instructional technologies and rich network-based resources.