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Vice Minister of Agriculture visits CABTS on Teachers' Day



On September 10, Mr. Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of MOA paid a visit to CABTS and sent his greetings to all teachers of CABTS system to celebrate Teachers' Day which falls on September 10 every year in China on behalf of Mr. Sun Zhengcai, Minister of MOA. Mr. Zhang, also concurrently the President of Central Agriculture Broadcasting and Television School (CABTS).




During the visit, Mr. Zhang met some teachers from CABTS and local schools include Tianjin Municipal School, Linyin Perfecture School of Shandong Province and Fangshan County School of Beijing, listened to the working report of farmers’ education and training presented by the representatives of them. He also had conversation with other teachers about organizing and conducting of farmers’ education and training, problems existed in the work and attached more attention to the suggestions from the teachers.


Mr. Zhang commended the teachers of CABTS system for improving the competence of rural residents through distance education using various instructional technologies.  He emphasized that CABTS system is the important base of agricultural vocational education, farmers’ science and technology training and cultivation of human resources in rural areas, and  it is also the important component part of the modern education system in China. Mr. Zhang point out that the Central Government pays great attention to farmers’ education, and the No. 1 Document has laid out overall arrangements and set out clear requirements for farmers’ education and training for five years, and the national investment is increasing year after year. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture attaches importance to the creating a new type of farmer and rural human resources and has listed it as one of the important things must be done for farmers for three years.


Mr. Zhang requested that CABTS system should see clearly the situation, fix the position, highlight the emphasis, integrate the instructional resource, innovate mechanism and model of training to improve itself to be more larger and stronger so as to meet the demands of farmers for education and training and help them to enhanced their comprehensive competence and self-developing ability. He said that CABTS should further enhance and expand the international cooperation and communication to learn the experience of distance education from foreign countries.







After the meeting, Mr. Zhang made a inspect tour in the living classroom and control room of Satellite Network, audio and video studio, Agricultural Audio-visual Material Press and other departments of CABTS.