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Education and training for farmer strengthened

The Annual Working Conference of National Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School System was held in Beijing from 26 to 27 January, 2008. Mr. Wei Chaoan, Vice Minister of Agriculture (MOA) attend the conference and made an important speech. There were also some senior official from MOA attended the conference and delivered an address including Mr. Chen Xiaohua, Director of General Office, Mr. Zhang Fengtong, Director of Science Technology and Education Department(STED), Mr. Yang Xiongnian, Vice Director of STED, Mr. Li Changjian, Vice Director of Personnel and Labor Department, Mr. Deng Qinghai, Vice Director of Finance Department. The entire senior officials of CABTS and the presidents from 36 provincial Agricultural Broadcasting and Television Schools participated the conference.

In the speech, Mr. Wei Chaoan stressed that it would not has a new countryside without a new type of farmer, it would not has modern agriculture with Chinese characteristic without a industrial farmer in high competence. He pointed out that the science and technology training for farmer should closely integrate with the development of agriculture industry.



During the conference, Mr. Chen Xiaohua delivered a report on current situation of agriculture and rural economic. Mr. Zhang Fengtong addressed developing situation on education and training of farmer. Mr. Li Changjian made a specialized lecture on creating of well-trained farmer force and human resource in rural area. And Mr. Yang Xiongnian introduced the construction of industrial technology system for modern agriculture. Mr. Zeng, Mr. Liu and Mrs. Guo made a report respectively on the work in 2007 and main work in 2008.