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Four Instructors from Grassroots Schools of CABTS Win the Prize

China Agricultural Science and Education Foundation (CASEF)granted its 'Jinnai Fund Agricultural Technology Extension Award' to 50 excellent agri-tech extension workers and 50 demonstration households in agricultural sector on 28 October 2007 in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province.

Four instructors from local schools of CABTS System win the Jinnai Fund Agricultural Technology Extension Awards' 2007, they are Mr. Du Mingzhong, President of Renshou County Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School (hereinafter referred to as ABTS), of Sichuan Province, Mr. Wang Jianjun, President of Huangping County-ABTS of Guizhou Province, Mr. Wang Heqing, President of Gejiu Prefecture-ABTS of Yunnan Province and Mr. Chen Ruilin, President of Pingjiang County-ABTS of Hunnan Province. And another 46 excellent agricultural science and technology extension workers are from Chongqing Municipality, Sichuan Province, Yunnna Province, Guizhou Province, Tibet Autonomous Region, Guangxi Autonomous Region, and Hainan Province. In addition, 50 demonstration households in rural area also gained the Jinnai Fund Agricultural Technology Extension Awards'2007, of which17 are graduates of CABTS.

Jinnai Fund was specially established with RMB20, 000,000 yuan contributed by Mr. Ryoichi Jinnai, President of the Japan International Cooperation Foundation in 1996. Mr. Jinnai donated another RMB10, 000,000 yuan to CASEF in 1997. The scale of Jinnai Fund reached to RMB 30,000,000 yuan. Its objective is mainly to subsidize research and development of high-new agricultural science and technology and give award to units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of 'high-yield, high-efficiency and best-quality' agriculture in China, especially those excellent extension workers and demonstration households in agricultural sector.