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Staff Training on Capacity Building was Conducted Successfully

The staff training on capacity building of CABTS System was successfully held on October 17 in Beijing, which was broadcasted lively through the Satellite Network of CABTS. About 5600 presidents, managers and instructors from CABTS and its branch schools at province, prefecture and county levels attended the training in the living classroom and 288 remote classrooms. Ms. Guo Zhiqi, vice president of CABTS presided the training activities. Four experts from America, Canada and FAO delivered their speeches respectively on Teaching Technology and Learning Support Systems in Distance Education, Leadership and Management, Rural Education in the Asia-Pacific areas.



In the opening address made by Mr. Zeng Yichun, the executive vice president of CABTS, he extend his appreciation and warm welcome to the experts and greetings to the staff who are dedicated to farmers’ education and training, on behalf of CABTS. In his speech, Mr. Zeng Yichun also stressed on the significance of the staff training and indicated that capacity building of staff in CABTS System would be one of the most important tasks at present and in future. He pointed out that it is an important component for improving the competence of staff in the CABTS System to further acquaint and learn the achievements in research, development and utilization of instructional technologies, characteristics and practices in distance education in different country.





The training activities were intense and substantial in contents. A co-presentation titled “Linking the Teacher to the Learner: the Importance of Teaching Technology and Learning Support Systems in Distance Education” was made by Mr. Dave King, Department Head and Prof. of Agricultural and Extension Communications of Oregon State University, and Dr. Jeanne Gleason, Director and Professor of Media Productions of New Mexico State University. Dr. Scott McLean, Director and Professor of Continuing Education of University of Calgary lectured a topic on “Effective Leadership and Management in Complex Educational Organizations: Experience from Canada”. Education for Rural People: Importance and strategies for addressing ERP in the Asia and the Pacific region including China” was delivered by Dr. Malcolm Hazelman, Senior Extension, Education and Communications Officer of FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.


After the training, one hour interactive Q & A was available between the experts and the staff in the living classroom and remote classrooms.


In the closed address, Ms. Guo Zhiqi gave high appraisal to the lectures made by the four experts. She said that as a flagship institute of rural distance education and training in China, CABTS System plays multiple roles acting as an organizer, coordinator and conductor, it is very important and urgent to update the conception and ideas, broaden the vision and thinking of the staff. CABTS will continue to create more opportunities of learning experiences and practices in distance education in foreign countries for the staff in CABTS System.