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Agricultural Science and Technology Caravan Program was started

On December 22, 2005, the opening ceremony of the 'Agricultural Science and Technology Caravan Program' was held in Beijing. Mr. Du Qinglin, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Yin Chengjie, Executive vice Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Zhang Baowen, Vice Minister of Agriculture, and other leaders from the departments concerned attended the ceremony.


The Agricultural Science and Technology Caravan Program, which was financed by the government and implemented by the Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School, aims to delivering the high quality instructional materials to the remote rural areas.


The first 150 vehicles stocked with agricultural science and technology books, audio-video materials, and audio-video broadcasting equipment directly distributed to county Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School. The vehicle will travel around in the villages, and it will surely become the moving vehicle of policy dissemination, technology service station and technology lecture room through comprehensive use of various approaches such as media preaching, consultant guidance, on the spot training etc.