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National New-type Farmer Fostering Working Meeting (Seminar on Farmer Training Project Management) held in Taiyuan(2017-07-07)
1st Session of Workshop on the Training Program for To-be Agricultural Diplomats 2017 successfully held(2017-07-07)
Workshop on China Farmers’ Sports held in Beijing(2017-07-07)
CABTS held Workshop on Documentary of Chinese Important Agricultural Heritage(2017-07-07)
Reasoning Meeting of On-line Learning Module Development held in Beijing(2017-07-07)
CABTS and French Pork and Pig Institute signed cooperation agreement(2017-07-07)
Workshop for Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of China Farmer Physical Culture Association held in Beijing(2017-07-07)
New Radio Program at Noon(2017-07-07)
Seminar on Education Reform of National Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School System held in Beijing(2016-12-29)
Workshop on the Training Program for To-be Agricultural Diplomats held in Beijing(2016-12-29)
CABTS delegation attended ICDE Presidents’ Summit(2016-12-29)
Field schools be the frontier of vocational farmers’ education(2016-12-29)
Third Training Session for To-be Agricultural Diplomats held in Beijing(2016-12-29)
CABTS, China Telecom jointly promote farmer training on mobile application(2016-12-29)
CABTS delegation visited US for bilateral cooperation(2016-12-29)
Second Training Session for To-be Agricultural Diplomats held in Beijing(2016-12-29)
Mid-term review for international cooperation program completed(2016-12-28)
First Training Session for To-be Agricultural Diplomats held in Beijing(2016-12-28)
Innovative training methods for greater competence in international agricultural cooperation(2016-12-28)
CABTS brought fine materials to classrooms(2016-12-28)
Vice Minister Yu Xinrong visited CABTS(2016-12-28)
Sri Lanka Delegation on Agricultural IT Training visited CABTS(2016-12-28)
National Working Conference for Presidents of CABTS Schools(2016-03-17)
Building Open Sharing Instructor Depository Management Platform for Promoting Further Implementation of New Type of Career Farmers(2016-03-17)
The 26th ICDE World Conference Held in South Africa(2016-03-10)
Video Program of CABTS Awarded at the 19th China Sector Television Program Show(2016-03-10)
Deepening bilateral cooperation between CABTS and ADEC(2016-03-10)
10 Grassroots CABTS Instructors Garnered Agricultural Extension Awards of Jinnai Foundation(2016-03-10)
Conference on Promoting the Program of Training of New Type of Career Farmers Held in Nanning(2016-03-10)
Delegates of Countries of the Greater Mekong River Sub-region Visited the Central School of CABTS(2016-03-10)
Workshop on Career Farmer Education of CABTS held in Huaxi Village of Jiangsu Province(2016-03-10)
Strengthening International Cooperation to Fuel the Training of New Type of Career Farmers(2016-03-08)
National Workshop on Teaching Materials of CABTS Held in Changsha(2016-03-08)
Strengthening international cooperation for fueling training of new type of career farmers(2015-07-14)
Launching the implementation of the “training program of modern youth farm owners”(2015-07-07)
Building a training platform for new type career farmer featuring specialization and diversification(2015-07-07)
CABTS, SFB jointly launch National New-type State Farm Worker Training Platform(2015-04-23)
16 departments jointly focus on new-type vocational farmers(2015-04-23)
MOA Disciplinary Inspector Song visits CABTS(2015-04-23)
Exposition on Beautiful Countryside held in Beijing(2015-04-23)
Successful completion of CABTS’ on-line module testing(2015-01-23)
Yan Dongquan is appointed as Vice President of CABTS(2015-01-23)
CABTS launches radio and television column Wechat public numbers(2015-01-23)
CABTS’ Delegation Participated in the 28th Annual Conference of Asia Association of Open Universities (AAOU)(2015-01-23)
Training course on capacity building for trainers of career farmer successfully concluded(2014-11-28)
Training course on capacity building for trainers of career farmer started in Beijing(2014-11-28)
Strengthening exchange and cooperation in distance open education and promoting sustained development of training and education of farmers(2014-11-26)
The training of trainers of on-line learning module development successfully concluded(2014-11-26)
Startup of training of trainers of on-line learning module development in Beijing(2014-11-26)
Ethiopian Agricultural Vocational Education Delegation visited CABTS(2014-11-25)
CABTS secured group medal and excellence medal for individual category of English Learning Conference hosted by MOA(2014-11-25)
CABTS dispatched staffers to the US for bilateral cooperation on the development on-line learning modules(2014-11-25)
Training of new type of career farmers launched(2014-11-24)
CABTS held English Star Speech Contest(2014-11-24)
New leadership announced at the assembly of CABTS professionals(2014-11-24)
New Vocational Farmers’ Education Plan issued: Eligible farmers under age 50(2014-05-20)
Workshop of on-line learning module development successfully concluded(2014-05-20)
Workshop of on-line learning module development opened in Beijing(2014-05-19)
Liaison Officer Meeting of CABTS Leading Group held in Beijing(2014-05-16)
MOA, MOE launches joint study on new vocational farmers’ education(2014-05-16)
Minister Han: Fostering new vocational farmers for modern agriculture(2014-05-16)
25th ICDE World Conference held in China(2014-05-16)
CABTS mission on new vocational farmer’s training and certification visits UK(2014-05-14)
Visit of specialist of Lentiz Education Group of the Netherlands to CABTS for discussion on cooperation(2014-01-20)
Mr. Zhang Taolin visited the instructional staff of CABTS system(2014-01-20)
Successful completion of the distance training course of vocational education in agriculture(2014-01-20)
10 grassroots instructors of CABTS received 2013 agro-technological extension award of Jingnai Foundation(2014-01-20)
Successful delivery of the working meeting of national agricultural broadcast and television schools (science and technology training center of farmers)(2013-09-29)
Visit of Mr. Niu Dun, Vice Minister for Agriculture to CABTS(2013-09-29)
Expert consultation on the development of on-line learning modules convened in Beijing(2013-09-29)
Successful completion of the national training course of on-line instructors of CABTS(2013-09-29)
National Workshop for presidents of Provincial Agricultural Broadcast and Television Schools convened in Guiyang(2013-09-29)
Visit of participants of the national training course on on-line instructors of CABTS system to CABTS headquarters(2013-09-29)
National training course of on-line instructors of CABTS opened in Beijing(2013-09-29)
Visit of officials of Lentiz Education Group of the Netherlands to CABTS(2013-09-29)
Zhang Hecheng, Director General, fielded a fact-finding mission to CABTS(2013-09-29)
Visit of Oregon State University’s delegation to CABTS(2013-09-29)
Visit of CABTS’ group headed by Wang Shoucong to vocational education of farmers in the Netherlands(2013-09-29)
Workshop on the standardization of vocational education of new type of professional farmers held in Beijing(2013-09-26)
Visit of the Delegation of Sukhothait Thammathirat Open University (STOU) of Thailand to the Central Agricultural Broadcast and Television School (CABTS)(2013-09-26)
MOA launches pilot training of new-type professional farmers(2013-02-26)
Indonesian mission visits CABTS(2013-02-26)
Outstanding and excellent provincial presidents awarded(2013-02-26)
CABTS courseware contest held(2013-02-26)
Meeting on Million-Vocational-School-Graduates Project held(2013-02-26)
CABTS delegation visits Australia(2013-01-08)
DG Tang Ke inspected CABTS(2013-01-08)
Farmers’ Daily prints full text of Minister Han’s letter to ABTS(2013-01-08)
MOU signed between CABTS and AgrifoodAsia(2013-01-08)
CABTS holds the English Star Speech Contest(2013-01-08)
CABTS delegation on distance education visits US(2013-01-08)
National Meeting on ABTS Work holds in Beijing(2012-05-04)
Symposium on Fostering New-type Vocational Farmers holds in Beijing(2012-05-04)
Netherland experts visited CABTS(2012-03-05)
CABTS launches the Distance Training Program on Modern Agricultural Technology and Farming Civilization(2012-03-05)
Vice Minister Zhang Taolin visits CABTS headquarters(2012-03-05)
Liaison Officer Meeting of CABTS Leading Group holds in Beijing(2012-03-05)
CABTS Development Program at the 12th Five-Year Plan Period released(2012-03-02)
National Development Program on Farmers’ Education and Training publicized(2012-03-02)
CABTS staff trained in Australia(2012-03-02)
CABTS attends 24th ICDE World Conference(2012-03-02)
ADEC representatives visits the CABTS headquarters(2012-03-02)
Workshop of Competency-Based Training and Education for CABTS holds in Nanjing(2012-03-02)
New head appointed to CABTS(2012-03-02)
Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television Education Center launched(2012-03-02)
CABTS delegation attends SCOP 2011(2012-03-02)
Practice and Thought on Education and Training of Farmer in China(2011-09-01)
Staff Training of Instructional Design(2011-01-06)
CABTS in the SCOP 2010(2010-12-27)
New Bilateral Relations was Set Up(2010-12-27)
Letters to Commemorate CABTS’ 30year Anniversary(2010-12-27)
Cultivating New Farmers, Accelerating the Process of Agriculture Modernization(2010-12-27)
A training program of online courses development and online learning management successfully conducted(2009-01-07)
CABTS Attended the SCOP and Global Forum on Open and Distance Education(2008-12-04)
CABTS in the 22nd AAOU Annual Conference(2008-12-04)
CABTS and UPOU Sign MOU to Promote Future Cooperation(2008-12-04)
Vice Minister of Agriculture visits CABTS on Teachers' Day(2008-09-17)
A Memorandum of Understanding of cooperation was signed(2008-05-13)
Education and training for farmer strengthened(2008-02-02)
A meeting of the liaison officer of Leading Group of CABTS was held(2008-01-28)
Four Instructors from Grassroots Schools of CABTS Win the Prize(2007-11-15)
Relations with AOC RAAD of Netherlands to be Strengthened(2007-11-14)
The CABTS Delegation Attended the 21st AAOU Annual Conference and Visited Philippine(2007-11-14)
CABTS Delegation in USA andin ICDE International Conference in Mexico(2007-11-14)
Staff Training on Capacity Building was Conducted Successfully(2007-11-05)
Forum on Development and Application of Instructional Medias for Farmers' Education and Training Was Held in Ningxia(2007-07-17)
Further attention has been paid to Farmers Education and Training(2007-01-15)
CABTS Delegation Attended the 22nd ICDE World Conference(2006-09-11)
One Million Secondary Vocational Graduates Program Officially Launched(2006-07-03)
The National Working Conference of Directors of Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School was held in Beijing(2006-01-16)
25 Years Anniversary of Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School(2006-01-16)
Agricultural Science and Technology Caravan Program was started(2006-01-16)
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