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CABTS has devoted much attention to the international cooperation and exchange and has built friendly relations with international organizations and agencies in distance education in agriculture. Sharing experiences and innovative practices in this field for relief the poverty, sustainable rural development and bridging the rural digital divide is our essential goal.

While China's rural distance education has been recognized by the international community, the time and environment has been matured for substantially conducting multilateral and bilateral cooperation. CABTS has taken this opportunity and actively push forward the international cooperation focusing on substantial results.


Cooperation between CABTS and AOC RAAD(2011-01-06)
Cooperation between CABTS and UPOU(2009-01-13)
Cooperation between CABTS and ADEC(2009-01-13)
Video Program of Home Organization(2009-01-13)
International Conference on 'Transforming the Digital Divide into Digital Opportunities'(2009-01-13)
International Workshop on 'Rural Women and Distance Learning Regional Strategies'(2009-01-13)