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Policy Study by Country on Farmers' Education and Agricultural Vocational Education


China is a large agricultural country, and the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government have always placed high priority on agriculture-related issues. Agriculture-related issues are essential to national economic development, social stability and state prosperity, to the coordinated development of industrialization, information technology application, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and to the overall building of well-off society and socialist modernization.

The key to agricultural modernization is technological advancement and capacity building. As stressed by President Xi Jinping, the key to social and economic development in rural areas is the people’s capacity; the key to “who will farm the land” is to bolster rural people capacity building. It is our shared goal to make agricultural businesses more profitable, make agriculture a promising industry, make farmer a decent profession, and make the countryside a beautiful and enjoyable homeland. We should take fostering new-type vocational farmers as a major strategy, focus on attracting more young people in agriculture and fostering vocational farmers, introduce specialized policies and institutions so as to provide solid human resource foundation and guarantee to agricultural modernization and sustainable agricultural development.

Agricultural vocational education and new-type vocational farmer fostering are the main components of rural capacity building. At the critical stage of national development, the Chinese government stressed the significance of new-type vocational farmers at various occasions. Therefore, it is imperative to seize the development opportunities, stand on the high grounds of economic and social development, and take a strategic, modern and international perspective to forge a clear vision about the significance and imminence of farmers’ vocational education and farmers’ education/training course.

Looking back at the history of agricultural modernization in developed countries, we found that agricultural vocational education and farmers’ education/training are important measures in promoting agricultural modernization. Based on one’s own reality in agricultural and rural development, each country has its distinctive philosophy, system, institution and modalities for agricultural vocational education and farmers’ education and training. China has always learned strong points from foreign countries while making up China’s own weak points. Therefore, learning foreign experience would be an effective and important means in promoting China’s farmers’ education and agricultural vocational education. The Book chose selective countries from North America, South America, Europe, Oceania and Asia for case study. The case study is based on the development history of rural economic development of each country, combed the practices and experience of each country’s legislation, policy guarantee and education/training modality in farmers’ education and agricultural vocational education. Since Taipei, China enjoys relatively early start in agricultural vocational education and rich experience to share, it is also included in the appendix. It is hoped that the publication would make its due contribution to in agricultural vocational education and new-type vocational farmers’ fostering in China.

Published by China Agriculture Press, August 2014

ISBN: 978-7-109-19369-7

PRICE: RMB 25.00