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Reports on International Agricultural Vocational Education and Open Distance Education (2008-2014)

With the rapid development of multi-media and Internet technologies, open and long-distance education enjoys the quickest development. After years of practice and exploration in agricultural vocational education and open/long-distance education, many countries have established well-developed education and training system and supportive system, providing much experience and lessons for China to learn from.


The Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School (CABTS) has dispatched management staff and backbone teachers from local schools for overseas training programs, on the belief that learning from foreign countries is a useful means for expanding vision, renewing ideas, encouraging teaching reform and promoting education for new-type vocational farmers. Built upon reports about overseas training programs from 2008 to 2014, the CABTS compiled the Collection of Reports on International Vocational Agricultural Education and Open/Long-distance Education 2008-2014. The book introduced experience and practices in vocational agricultural education, open/long-distance education, quality guarantee, institutional capacity building and continuing education in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands.


Hope that those who are involved in vocational agricultural education and open/long-distance education might find the Book inspiring and helpful, and absorb and apply relevant foreign experience and practices that are suitable to Chinese reality in their daily work.


Published by China Agriculture Press, September 2015

ISBN: 978-7-109-20775-2

PRICE: RMB 32.00