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Research on Agricultural Open and Distance Education in China(2010-2015)


Distance education provides great opportunities to those who neither have the chance nor have the convenient access to education to make their dreams come true. Therefore, it has been widely adopted across the world. The development of information and communication technology not only brings surprises to distance education institutions, but also builds new digital divide, especially for students in rural areas. It is lucky that people come to realize it soon, and start to retrospect the selection and application of distance education technologies in order to mitigate the obstacles posed by technology advancement.


The Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School (CABTS) is an education institution devoted to distance education and training for rural workers. In the past 35 years since its establishment, the CABTS effectively narrowed the digital divide by combining traditional media with modern media tools, and integrating face-to-face classes with distance education programs. The CABTS provided multi-layer, multi-channeled and convenient learning opportunities for rural labors, accumulated rich experience, shaped distinctive models of agricultural distance education, and attracted wide attention from distance education institutions of foreign countries.


The CABTS has been active in the international academic circle of open and distance education. It fully took the advantage of various international seminars, shared experience and innovative practices with foreign experts, and learned modern thinking and modalities from other countries. The Book Practices of Agricultural Open and Distance Education in China 2010-2015 is a collection of papers submitted to international seminars on open, distance and vocational education from 2010 to 2015. Each paper is categorized into the English and the Chinese part in chronological order. It is our hope that the Book will be inspiring to those who are engaged in farmers’ education and open/distance education.


Published by China Agriculture Press, November 2015

ISBN: 978-7-109-20981-7

PRICE: RMB 40.00