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Education and training via loudspeakers in rural China: Findings of a case study



With the success of a pilot project by using of loudspeakers in education, training and information dissemination in rural areas, the loudspeakers in rural areas has been turned into effective tools for transmitting agricultural science and technology and government policies to villagers and in the process, enriching the cultural life of villagers without any large additional investment. Loudspeakers will thus continue to play an important role in rural China.


Supported by FAO, Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School conducted a case study.  The specialists involved in this case study carried out a literature review and field studies and systematically summarized information about the services being delivered via loudspeakers for education, training and information services to rural areas, as well as information about the benefits of loudspeakers thus providing a valuable the reference for further popularizing the use of loudspeakers in China. This book summarizes the experiences and achievements of loudspeakers in education, training and information services in rural areas. The findings of this case study also provide useful reference for other developing countries on the selection of media for education and training in rural areas.