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Research and Development of Open and Distance Education in Foreign Countries(2011-01-06)
The Final Evaluation Report of Operations & Programming at County-level Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School(2011-01-06)
Research on Open and Distance Education in Rural China(2011-01-06)
Paper Collection of China Rural Distance Education Research(2011-01-06)
Education and training via loudspeakers in rural China: Findings of a case study(2008-05-13)
Investigation Report on Agricultural Education and Distance Learning(2008-01-29)
Survey Report on Basic Situation of National Farmers' Education and Training in China(2007-07-19)
Research on Green Certificate Training(2006-07-27)
'Paper Collection on Rural Distance Education in China' (Volume Three)(2006-07-13)
Strategic Research on Farmers Education in China in New Stage(2006-07-13)
Facilitating Access and Flexibility in Learning: An Anthology of Chinese - Canadian Case Studies and Glossary in Open and Distance Learning(2006-07-11)
Approach to the world: Rural Distance Education in China(2006-07-11)
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