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The Practice and Pondering on the Distance Education Technology of Sky-web and Aground-web into One in China Rural Distance Education(2006-12-11)
Teaching and Learning Support Service to Rural Distance Education in China(2006-12-11)
Role of Different Instructional Media and Evaluation of its Effectiveness in China Rural Distance Education(2006-12-11)
M-learning for farmer the mobile service of agricultural information(2006-12-11)
Innovation in Methods and Models in Training New Type of Farmers to Serve the Building of a New Socialist Countryside(2006-12-11)
China Rural Distance Education and Construction of the New Countryside(2006-12-11)
Applying and Analysis of the Digital Instructional Material in Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School(2006-12-11)
Agricultural Science and Technology Caravan(2006-12-11)
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