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Progress of Digitalization Promoting Rural Distance Education(2005-12-24)
New Model for Modern Distance Education in Rural Areas— Teaching and Learning in Digital Environment(2005-12-24)
Leading and managing the transition to using digital technologies in distance education(2005-12-24)
Initial Exploration on the Transitionof Rural Distance Education Media to Digital Approach(2005-12-24)
Exploration on the training model for instructional staffof distance education in rural areas(2005-12-24)
Enhancing Readiness for International Collaboration: Development of a BilingualEnglish-Chinese Glossary for Open and Distance Education(2005-12-24)
Education and Training in Science and technology for Farmers in China Using Modern Distance Education Approaches(2005-12-24)
Development and evaluation of digital materials for rural distance education(2005-12-24)
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